New work available – Julia Butterfly 2

New work available – Julia Butterfly 2

Julia Butterfly 2 by Tim Abeln Photography and Digital Art Prints. Beautiful wall decoration for your home and office.
Another photo from the photoshoot at Passieflorahoeve. “Dryas iulia” (often incorrectly spelled julia) commonly called the Julia butterfly, Julia heliconian, the flame, or flambeau. Butterflies are beautiful to look at when flying around with their colorful wings. This one also has very pretty blue eyes. Did you know the eyes of a butterfly consist of 6000 tiny lenses?

The challenge with this image was the depth of field. Shooting at such close range (+/- 30 cm between the camera and the subject, excluding the lens) an area of just a few millimeters is sharp and the rest of the image will get blurry. There is an “easy” solution for that, taking multiple shots with different focus points and combining them in Photoshop. I did that, but this pretty creature was moving its wings making it impossible to automatically blend the exposures in post processing. I ended up manually cutting and pasting bits and pieces together.. The antennas in this image are the combined result of 3 images. The face and body contain another 2 shots. I had even more images in the stack, but was unable to piece together the wings and back of the animal properly because of the movement, so I chose to just leave them.

I hope you like this new image, feel free to leave some comments below! More images expected soon, I have a lot of flower pictures coming. Meanwhile have a look at my other work in the gallery.

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